Where To Buy N95 Masks Online?

Where to Buy N95 Masks

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With natural disasters, coronavirus pandemic mandates raging, and cloth masks being deemed unsuitable, everyone wants to know where to buy N95 masks online.

So, what are N95 masks? What makes them so much better? What should employers and individuals be looking for when buying N95 face masks, and where are the best places to buy them?

Here’s the breakdown, on why and how to use them, plus what you need to know when searching for N95 face masks for sale…

What Are N95 Masks?

An N95 mask is a special form of face mask and a respirator mask. 

They offer far superior protection from a variety of respirator threats than other common substitutes. They are even dramatically more effective than those cloth surgical masks doctors used to wear. 

N95 refers to a specific style and standard of respirators, made with specific, advanced materials. Real N95 masks have to be specifically approved by regulators and health and safety institutions.  

There are several factors that differentiate N95s from other mask types, including common cloth face masks. 

Fit & Straps

The N95 mask is specifically designed for a proper fit to the face, with a tight seal to prevent airborne particles from being sucked in around the mask. This is similar to the Chinese standards for the KN95 masks but differs slightly. 

 This is crucial for protection, and one of the major reasons that even cloth surgical masks just don’t cut it today.

 The N95 mask also features around the headbands, versus common, inferior ear-loop designs. 

Respirator Valves

One of the most obvious differentiators you’ll notice with N95s is the respirator valve. This small circle respirator valve enables the wearer to breathe out comfortably, while still enjoying maximum protection when breathing in.

There are two variations of these masks with valves. One with a visible valve. This is ideal for working environments where the threats are inbound. The B226 N95 respirator mask from Bielcor is a great example of this. 

The second is an interior valve, covered by another filtration layer to filter the air you breathe out. This is ideal for protecting those around you. Such n95 respirator masks are for use in the COVID-19 pandemic. See Bielcor’s B200 N95 mask for an example of this. 


N95 Filtration Effectiveness

What this is really all about is the proven level of protection that the N95 mask offers. The filtration is really what leads people to search for sites where they could buy N95 masks for sale online, for themselves, their loved ones, and masks for employees, including healthcare professionals. 

The layers of filtration and special materials used to manufacture the N95 mask are thoroughly tested and proven to filter out and block  airborne particles down to a size of just 3-microns. 

The covered valve version also blocks respiratory droplets from escaping from the user and infecting others around them. 

Official Approvals 

The criteria for the N95 mask were originally drafted in conjunction with standards provided by the FDA. 

Real N95 masks have to be approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). You’ll find a list of NIOSH-approved N95 respirators, suppliers, and masks, including those from Bielcor, listed on the CDC’s website. 

What Is N95 Used For?

Almost everyone is eagerly searching for N95 masks online today. Yet, even before the COVID-19 shutdown began, they have long been considered the standard for Protective Health Gear and part of personal protective equipment. 

Here are just some of the most common uses for the N95. 

Dusty Work Environments

One of the chief reasons N95 face masks were commissioned to be created in the first place was to aid and protect miners. These days, workers face many different environments which may make it smart or required to have respiratory protection. In many cases, N95 masks will be mandated by health and safety and occupational regulators. Deserts, wood, and metalworking jobs are probably just some of them which need the filtration of 95 of airborne particles they get to deal with on a regular basis.


Year after year, the wildfires on the West Coast of the United States seem to be getting worse. Each year, new records are being set both in terms of the cost and vastness of the damage. For both those returning to homes after being evacuated and those riding it out with smoke blowing through their area, protecting the respiratory system is critical for their health. This has been one of the uses of respirator masks.


Sadly, the South and East Coast of the US is also facing a record-breaking storm and hurricane seasons each year, both in the number and severity of storms. The wind is a big part of this. Yet, it is the water damage that is considered most dangerous. 

Whether leaks appear in the exterior of the building, or storm surge and flooding enter homes and business properties, returning to survey and clean up the damage are incredibly hazardous to the health.

All it takes is a tiny toxic mold particle, which is invisible to the naked eye, to enter the lungs to create devastating medical consequences. 

Every individual facing these circumstances should have N95 level protection.

Air Pollution

While wearing masks may be something new and novel for most in the western world, it has been a part of everyday living in many parts of the world for many years. 

Whether it is Saharan dust storms or inner-city pollution in Asia, people are used to having to wear masks and know where to buy N95 masks if they want to be able to leave their homes. 

Both Healthline and UCLA Health report that wearing masks can help with both common allergens indoors and seasonal outdoor allergens. 

Healthcare Settings

Perhaps the most obvious use for, and driver of the surge in searches for where to buy N95 masks is in healthcare settings. 

In fact, the main reason that N95 masks were not publicly mandated, or urged for everyone earlier as COVID-19 prevention was due to the fear of supply chain failures and mask shortages.

The N95 can of course both protect medical professionals from airborne diseases and their patients. 

Is The N95 Effective Against COVID?

half face masks

The primary and most widespread use and need for N95 masks today are specifically for COVID-19 protection, and to halt transmission. 

In spite of the COVID-19 vaccine, masks are still mandatory in many settings. More and more companies, like airlines, are demanding customers to have N95 style masks. Experts are now calling them essential protection, and have ruled cloth masks as ineffective. 

New strains of the coronavirus, beyond Delta and Mu, threaten to be antibody and vaccine-resistant, making the use of N95 face masks even more important. 

The bottom line is that N95 medical supplies should be on the regular shopping list of essentials for every household and company. 

Are N95 Masks Reusable?

N95 masks are only designed for single users, for one use. 

Any cleaning or sanitizing attempts destroy the filtration efficiency of masks. Even with the best practices, such as UV or boiling, masks can only be safely reused once or twice. And that is only in extreme emergency situations. 

For those that want reliable protection, have a fresh mask every day. Change out masks any time they get dirty or may have become contaminated. 

The N95 is designed as a disposable mask and is for single use.

What To Look For When Buying N95 Masks

Unfortunately, the urgent need for face masks has led to the production of many inferior face coverings. Which do not adequately protect those wearing them. 

Do not be distracted by fashion, standard ear-loops versus adjustable ear loops, adjustable head straps, and huge mask filters, when looking for a mask for sale. Instead, look for masks that represent real N95 masks. Such as adjustable metal nose pieces or nose clips, a valve, and a secure seal.

The record number of web searches for the N95 mask has also sadly led to a plethora of counterfeit n95 face masks being advertised. These fakes can be extremely dangerous for your health. They certainly won’t save you, or those you love and care about. 

Authentic N95 face masks must feature their NIOSH certified approval number and come from a verified supplier. For this reason, it can be time-consuming and stressful to try and work through listings on platforms like Amazon to find the real deal. 

Instead, the safe and reliable option is to order your N95 face mask directly from approved suppliers and their own secure websites, like Bielcor.com.

You should not be price gouged because of the current pandemic, or only look for the lowest prices. Low-priced items may indicate fake face masks. Instead, look for safety and reliable protection, at affordable prices, which can enable you to have a fresh one to use every day. 

Be sure you stay ahead of future potential shortages. At least if you want to be able to keep working, have freedom of movement. You want to do your part to squash the virus, and keep yourself and those you care about healthy. 

Where To Buy N95 Face Masks Online

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