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The Advantages of Using a Disposable Respirator 

The Advantages of Using a Disposable Respirator. To most people, wearing a mask as a protection can be quite inconvenient. Do they know that wearing a respirator is one of the best ways to protect them from inhaling dust and particles? In fact, these types of masks are recommended by the CDC. To keep the people from inhaling different kinds of airborne contaminants. Could cause respiratory health issues – both long-term and short-term. These health issues, if left without any treatment. Eventually can cause more complicated diseases such as cancer, permanent lung damage, and even death.

With the negative effect of pollution, protecting ourselves and our families should be our topmost priority. Wearing a respirator mask is the first line of defense against harmful particulates in the air. Even if we try our hardest to cover our faces with our hands when we encounter smokes and dust. It isn’t just enough which is why respirator masks are a very important piece of protective gear to have.

Here are other advantages of disposable respirator masks:

? Allergy-free

Disposable respirator masks are made of soft material that is safe for people who are sensitive to certain materials. People with particular allergies could use this, when they’re looking for masks that could protect them from pollution.

?  Protects Against Minute Particulates

Disposable respirators don’t merely protect the users from visible dust, but it also keeps the people from breathing in minute particles that are floating in the air. People whose work involve construction, the N95 respirator mask, in particular, is a NIOSH approved mask that is designed to keep the person from breathing in dust from mines, demolitions, and dust that aren’t easily visible to the eyes. It’s known to be 95% efficient in filtering out fine particles, thus the name N95.

?  Keeps People from Inhaling Harmful Chemicals

Aside from dust, respirator masks are also efficient, when it comes to protecting its users from breathing in harmful chemicals that could damage their lungs or other organs when it enters their system. People who work in agriculture can benefit from this since they are constantly exposed to pesticides and other fertilizers which are stuffed with chemicals that could cause severe headaches and illnesses.

?  Protects Against Pathogens

Did you know that respirator masks also protect people against pathogens that could cause health complications? In fact, the CDC is actively encouraging people, especially medical personnel who are constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to wear a respirator to protect them from infections and contaminations.

? Suitable for All Face Shapes

Respirator masks are suitable for all shapes and sizes. This is to ensure that it will maintain a snug fit and prevent any dust from penetrating through the spaces. Bearded men, though, should keep their faces clean shaved since it could affect the fit of the mask.

Now that you have an idea of how beneficial disposable respirator masks really are, you might want to get yourself one today. Disposable respirator masks such as the N95 can easily be bought online. Get yourself one today and protect yourself from the possible effects of dust and other harmful airborne particles.