Omicron Dominates the US

Omicron Variant Dominates the US

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is now responsible for almost 75% of all cases in America. This resurgence of the virus is also spreading new rules and mandates. Most notable among them is the obligation of employers to buy N95 masks for all their staff.

Just how bad has Omicron become? What do you need to know about it? Where can you still find the N95 mask for sale so that you can keep your business open and have the freedom to get out of your house?

Omicron Variant Takes Over America

Until November 26th, Omicron was identified in South Africa and labeled as a ‘variant of concern’ by WHO, which means it could be more transmissible than others in this series of viruses and may not be prevented by vaccines or previous immunity.

As of December 11th, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control stated that Omicron made up just 2.9% of cases in the United States.

By December 20th, Omicron was responsible for as much as 90% of all new cases in most regions of the US. That is an incredible rate of spread. Especially so late in the game of fighting this pandemic. Even more so with all the rules and mandates that have been in place.

The country has seen about 130,000 new cases per day, rising. The University of Florida predicts that 80% of the state’s population will have had the coronavirus when this wave peaks.

New Rules & Guidelines for Omicron Variant

Vaccination and mask mandates have been resurging in response to the rapid spread of the Omicron Variant. A situation made even more complicated with more workers, including healthcare workers out sick, in quarantine, or fired for refusing the vaccine.

It’s hard to imagine it being possible for restrictions to get any more challenging in places like NY. It is already virtually impossible for anyone to go anywhere, buy anything, travel or go out to eat without all the latest vaccines, multiple boosters, and a mask.

In particular, California and Los Angeles County are also leading the way in revising and clarifying guidance on what types of face masks and filtering respirators qualify to meet mask mandates.

They are now making law what many health experts and doctors have recommended for some time. This puts an end to cloth masks, mandating surgical-grade, NIOSH certified respirators, and specifically N95 and N99 face mask coverings.

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, must now wear a mask. This is true in virtually every situation outside of the home. In addition, employers now must provide workers with a fresh supply of N95s or the equivalent for each shift.

Enforcement and citations could be harsh for those found not to comply. These new specifications are expected to spread into more states around the country and further ramp up the demand for N95 masks for sale.

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Vaccinations Are Not Enough

women wearing a mask

While many still promote vaccination to prevent infection from coronavirus, it is still clearly not sufficient.

Being ‘vaccinated’ to attend events, go into stores, get healthcare, and travel, even within your city, may now mean having multiple jabs and all boosters. That may mean at least four shots and grow.

However, new variants like Omicron and IHU bring many mutations, which means that vaccinations or previous infections may provide no immunity against them. Another reason why mask mandates are back, even for the vaccinated.

Now there are even hybrid viruses, like flurona, which make things even more complicated.

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Why Are Experts Demanding the Use Of Respirator Masks?

Vaccines alone have proven not to prevent infection or transmission of this virus. From the start of the pandemic, it was smart to buy n95 masks. Yet, the government held back on mandating them for the entire nation to preserve supplies.

Now, especially with how fast the Omicron variant has proven to spread, it is glaringly apparent that the masks most people have been wearing don’t work. Not cloth masks, fashion masks, or other homemade alternatives.

Aside from a secure seal, the main difference with N95s is that they are made from special fibers, which are electrostatically charged to polarize and remove dangerous particles from the air. In addition, their filtration is tight enough to eliminate the smaller particles this virus travels on.

What Is the Best N95 Mask For Sale?

A real N95 mask is certified by NIOSH and approved by the CDC. They may or may not have visible valves. Though they probably have different straps than you are used to with cloth masks.

Authentic masks will be stamped with their NIOSH approval number. Authorized manufacturers and individual N95 products are listed on the CDC’s website.

Where To Buy N95 Mask

Given the above, it is crucial to avoid being taken advantage of by criminals selling fake and counterfeit masks.

So, when it comes time to find the best place to buy an N95 mask, shop directly online with CDC-approved suppliers like

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Omicron has spread across the US incredibly fast. As a result, it may be less dangerous than previous strains. However, deaths and hospitalizations are still happening.

For many, the need for the N95 mask is even more about keeping their business open. As well as having the freedom to move around and get necessities.

Get yours online today.