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Delta Variant Pushes Covid-19 Deaths Up 26% – N95 Masks and Vaccine Urged


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Bielcor’s B201 N95 Mask – Get Protected from the Coronavirus with Bielcor’s NIOSH AND CDC Approved N95 Face MasksThe new COVID-19 Delta variant of the coronavirus is sweeping the country. Mask mandates are being re-instituted and the vaccine is being urged more than ever before. COVID cases and hospitalizations have been surging by double digits. The new Delta variation snakes its way through all 50 US states. Experts are warning this new ultra-contagious virus could be the most serious you’ll ever catch in your life. It is impacting everything from elementary schools to big corporations like Apple, and millions of lives and families.

It’s time to invest in better-quality N95 or N99 particulate respirators.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Delta Variant N95 Masks and Vaccine for COVID-19 Urged

The CDC has reported a 36% increase in hospitalizations and a 26% increase in COVID deaths across the United States. This new ‘Delta’ strain of the coronavirus may be the reason.

Other countries, like the UK (United Kingdom), are reporting an enormous surge in COVID cases. This is potentially stalling or leading to a reversal in lifting coronavirus restrictions.

See a more detailed breakdown of the spread of the Delta variant, its origins, and its impact on our blog.


What’s Different About the COVID-19 Delta Variant Strain?

The most notable issue with the COVID-19 Delta strain is that it is an evolved, hyper-contagious version of COVID-19.

This new strain is adapting and learning to become more infectious. Some began to think it was safe to leave their face masks at home, venture out to eat, or travel out of state again. We are yet again facing a high risk of infection.

Authorities warn that the vast majority of people will get COVID with this new strain, and the WHO explained that even vaccinated people shouldn’t feel safe against it.

The potential danger of this situation is serious. Therefore, imminent action from our current white house administration is crucial.

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are taking the lead. They are adding posts to users’ feeds to create awareness about the new Delta strain and blocking comments and text messages which discourage vaccination.

Not surprisingly, News 4 Jax reports that the five states with the most infections of the COVID-19 Delta variant have above-average vaccination rates.


Overcapacity in Hospitals

At the beginning of the pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions were put in place to avoid overwhelming hospitals, and the Delta variant may be tipping us over that edge.

The Director of Infection Prevention at UF Health Jacksonville reported that their hospital emergency room is full, and they are seeing a 7-8% increase in patients each day.

As hospitals become more and more overwhelmed, some medical centers are yet again choosing to reduce ‘elective’ procedures. Unfortunately, this can lead to the worsening of other prevalent health problems.


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Who Needs to Keep Wearing a Mask?

Counties like Los Angeles and Las Vegas have already begun reinstating mask mandates for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Even Apple called off its plan to allow employees to return to the office.

The former head of the FDA recently told CBS News that “this [new Delta variant] is the most serious virus you can get in your lifetime.” Therefore, both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Dr. Fauci recommend all children ages three and up wear masks as schools reopen this fall; even if they received both doses of the vaccine.

The current COVID vaccine, unfortunately, does not protect against the new Delta variant. Because of this, some vaccine manufacturers are considering developing a third vaccine dose.

Since Delta variant infected persons are ultimately at higher risk of hospitalization and death, it is important that all persons, vaccinated or not, continue to wear a mask.


Quality Face Masks Have Never Been More Important

Face masks continue to be the most effective form of protection from this new strain of COVID.

Former FDA head, Gottlieb says it is important for people to invest in high-quality face coverings such as N95 masks. He explains, “Quality of the mask is going to make a difference with a variant that spreads more aggressively as Delta does. People are more contagious and exude more virus.”


Unfortunately, even people who continue to wear face masks often choose fashion masks with nonwoven fabric. Repurposed clothing, accessories, and simple fabrics are not effective at filtering out the virus. This may not have been as big of an issue with the low transmission rate variants of coronavirus but with the new Delta variant, these masks will create serious risk.

There is a huge difference between the masks mentioned above and legitimate particulate respirator masks. The N95 mask is designed and tested to filter at least 95% of virus particulates in the air. There is also the superior filtering N99 mask for those who want even more protection.

Look for the CDC-recommended and NIOSH certified N99 and N95 masks which have official approval numbers.



The Delta variant is a new hyper-contagious strain of COVID. The data shows that it is dramatically accelerating both hospitalizations and deaths. Thus, hospitals are becoming overwhelmed and are running out of room for new patients.

Even fully vaccinated individuals are being warned that they are not safe from this strain of the virus. Experts state that quality masks are going to make all the difference in being protected.

Now is the time to reload your stock of quality N95 mask and N99 mask before they sell out. Even if you are a medical professional, or are in a profession that requires dust masks, it is vital to ensure you have enough of a supply to weather any pending shortages.