Protect Yourself From Molds When Cleaning Your House

How to Protect Yourself From Mold

How to Protect Yourself From Mold

Molds are everywhere. It’s the black spots you see on the surface of your bathroom, the white patches on your basement floor, or that orange slick film on your sink. When left with no treatment, these molds could grow uncontrollably in your home and could trigger asthma and allergies in your family.

Even if you’re not allergic to mold, it can still cause other problems such as irritation in the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and lungs. When cleaning your house, it’s important to keep yourself protected from molds in order to avoid suffering the negative effects that they can have on your health.

How Molds Cause Disease

People have different sensitivity when it comes to molds. Most people could just experience a minor allergic reaction while some can suffer severe allergic reactions that could lead to asthma attacks.

The reason why molds can cause diseases to humans is that they release a chemical substance mycotoxin that is extremely toxic to people. When a person is exposed to high concentrations of this toxin, it could have a drastic effect on their health and it could lead to bronchitis, bleeding lungs, as well as heart problems.

Protect Your Health

When you’re doing general cleaning in your house, you’re more likely to find molds in the deepest, most unexplored part of your home. To protect yourself from accidentally making contact with molds, take these extra precautions.

1. Be Careful With Unexplored Places

Always look out for when you’re cleaning the unexplored places in your house. Molds can release spores which are the main thing that can cause infection to humans. Be careful when you’re patting off rugs and shower curtains. Remember not to shake the mold colony to avoid inhalation of the spores.

2. Wear Rubber Gloves

If you’re deep cleaning, it’s important to wear gloves, preferably one that goes midway up to your forearms. This ensures that the whole lot of your arm will be protected from getting in contact with molds that can cause an allergic reaction. Make sure to choose the right type of glove: neoprene gloves are the best gloves to use strong cleaners that can remove mold.

3. Use Goggles

Wearing eye protection can also help you protect your eyes from being exposed to molds and avoid irritation. When cleaning, removing mold in your house, it’s better to use dust masks and goggles without ventilation holes since the molds could enter from there.

4. Use a Mask

There are a lot of masks in the market that helps protect people from dust, airborne allergens, and airborne diseases. The N95 mask and the N99 masks are great choices when it comes to doing a mold cleanup at your house. It filters out particulates in the air that are as tiny as 0.3 microns which are perfect for you.

5. Shower After You Clean

Make sure to take a bath after you cleaned the molds in your house. This can prevent mold from spreading and forming again in other areas of your home.

It’s important to keep our house clean in order to reduce our family’s risk of developing illnesses. But it’s also important to protect yourself while you do a thorough cleaning of your house. To avoid inhaling dust, molds, and other irritants, you can trust the N95 respirator mask to do the job for you. Get one now!

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