How N95 Masks Work?

What Have N95 Masks Become?

The B201 N95 Mask from Bielcor is Perfect for Everyone!
The B201 N95 Mask from Bielcor is Perfect for Everyone!

N95 masks have become one of the essential daily accessories for everyone over the past couple of years. How do they work? How do you use them correctly?

While commonly used in various hazardous and working conditions for years, N95 masks have become a part of everybody’s daily vocabulary since 2020.

So, what are the uses for N95 masks today? What is it that makes them so effective? Or can yield them ineffective to wearers? Where are the best places to buy the best face masks now? Where to buy n95 mask? Also where is n95 mask near me?

What Are N95 Masks?

Never before in human history have we seen so many masks in use. Or names for face coverings. Even the term ‘N95 masks’ is often used much more loosely than it should.

N95 masks are a particular form of face mask. To be an authentic N95 mask needs to be officially certified by NIOSH. The FDA, CDC, and the US Department of Labor Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) may also have specific guidelines for wearing masks in various settings. The CDC publishes approved and authorized N95 mask products and suppliers on its website.

Authentic N95 masks will be stamped with their NIOSH approval number. They may also be identified by specific characteristics, which you can learn more about here.

What is most unique about N95 masks is that they are rigorously tested to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles down to .3 microns in size.

This means they are highly effective at removing contaminants and toxins in the air while providing breathability for the wearer.

What Are N95 Masks Used For?

N95 masks were first invented and developed for miners working in hazardous environments with lethal carcinogens in the air.

Today, N95 masks are still the standard as dust masks for these types of hazardous working environments. As a result, you will see them commonly used in work and construction environments.

As a form of PPE, N95 masks are also frequently considered ideal protection amid disaster zones. Such as wildfires. Or in the wake of floods and hurricanes when toxic mold is likely to be present.

In recent years it has become customary to see people wearing KN95 and N95 masks daily. Well, before COVID came along, this was thanks to being increasing pollution. Not just due to urban air pollution in dense cities, but thanks to poor air quality due to giant dust clouds or algae-like Red Tides affecting coastal areas.

Of course, the most apparent use of N95 masks today is to protect against viruses and meet the growing number of mask mandates out there.

Ultimately, if you want to avoid breathing in anything that can harm your body and health, or infect others, then N95 masks should be on your shopping list.


N95 Masks & COVID

N95 masks are now a part of the everyday new ordinary post-COVID world.

Although some took to them immediately, with new research, scientific data, and public admissions, it is only now that many have learned using N95 masks is really the standard everyone should be using.

Cloth and alternative face coverings, including traditional surgical masks, don’t do the job of preventing the transmission of COVID. This is because the particles the virus travels in are just too small to be blocked by inferior face-covering types. Or they do not provide an adequate seal to prevent virus particles from passing around the mask as N95 masks do.

Today, N95 masks are increasingly being mandated or regulated for what feels like just about everything. If you want to take transport, fly on a plane, enter certain buildings, eat out, shop or work in many places, you have to have one. Or employers must provide a fresh supply of them each shift.


How N95 Masks Work?

There are two main differences and critical parts to how N95 masks work.


  1. N95 Masks: Fit & Seal

According to the FDA, N95 masks are specifically designed to form a seal around the mouth and nose. This differentiates them from other face coverings, allowing contaminated air to pass around or even be more forcefully inhaled around the mask. Each approved N95 mask also provides wearing and fitting instructions on the CDC website.


  1. N95 Masks: Filtration

N95 masks are filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs). They are tested and proven to eliminate harmful airborne particles down to .3 microns in size. A built-in valve makes breathing of fresh air easy, while still remaining protected. They are made of specific electrostatic polypropylene fiber. This removes harmful particles from the air you are living in.


How To Use 

One of the most critical parts of the effective use of face masks of any type is how you handle and wear them. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to destroy the protective capabilities of your N95 shows by contaminating them with the way you store, handle and put them on.

Be sure your hands are sanitized before touching your N95 masks to put them on or take them off. Ensure that it fits well, with a seal around your mouth and nose. Be careful not to touch your mask while wearing it.

Refer to your specific N95 masks product guide and donning instructions for best practices to make them last longer.


How To Clean 

It is also vital to know that N95 masks are only designed as single-use for a single wearer.

You should not be sharing face masks. N95 masks are priced and designed to be disposable after each use. They may be worn for up to eight hours at a time. A new one should be used each day, shift change, or even when changing between environments.

New tests have been conducted to help businesses and healthcare facilities keep up with the need for fresh N95 masks to evaluate mask cleaning and sanitization methods. There have been some promising trials of UV light, steaming and air drying, and mask rotation. Though, do not wash your mask in soap and water. Even the best protocols severely deplete the filtration capabilities and effectiveness of your masks.


Where To Buy N95 Masks

To ensure you are buying authentic N95 masks, it is wise to shop directly with approved suppliers. Bielcor N95 mask and N99 mask have been officially certified by NIOSH and are featured on the CDC’s website. Shop our affordable N95 masks online for fast delivery.