Stylish Face Mask for men

Face Mask for Men: 15 Stylish Choices for Everyday Wear

Wearing face masks quickly became the new normal, but you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort and safety. That’s why we’ve put together our top 15 stylish choices of face mask for men; you can rock a good-looking mask while doing your part to protect yourself and your community.

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N95 and N99 face masks provide the most protection, but most of us don’t want to don a respirator for a trip to the grocery store. When you want to show off your style during a quick trip out, try one of these face masks for men:

The Top 15 Stylish Face Mask for Men

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Evolve Together Face Mask

Evolve together stylish face mask

Evolve face masks aren’t your typical face covering; they are made with three different layers to help filter out smoke, pollen and bacteria. The design is simple but stylish.

The Tie Bar Classic Face Mask

Tie bar classic stylish face mask

Designed to pair with anything in your closet, Tie Bar’s classic face masks go great with any outfit, from casual to formal. They also offer other color combinations if you’re looking for something a little more fun.

Buck Mason Anti-Microbial Face Mask

We all know the feeling of wearing a sweaty face mask, and it’s not one of our favorite things to do. Buck Mason’s face mask comes with an anti-microbial coating that lasts for 30 washes. If you need another reason to check out these masks, the company has donated many masks to hospitals in need.

Michel Quilted Face Mask

Quilted stylish face mask

The Michel quilted cotton face mask is super breathable, stretchable, and looks fantastic. Ten percent of their mask sales get donated to The Dream Defenders, an organization that provides homeless communities with COVID tests, masks, and tents.

Bonobos Riviera Face Mask

Riviera stylish face mask

Made with comfortable elastic straps, these Riviera face masks from Bonobos look great and are comfortable enough to wear all day long. They come in multiple designs, and each one looks elegant and striking. The company went above and beyond with these stylish face masks.

Todd Snyder Camo Face Mask

Camo stylish face mask

Camo designs are typically about blending in, but these face masks will make you stand out (in a good way). They come with a filter pocket and have an adjustable nose piece that molds and contours to your face for an amazing fit. But the best part? All proceeds from these face masks go to Good360 — an organization that helps nonprofits during the pandemic.

St. John Contour Face Mask

Contour stylish face mask

Do you want a face mask with a bold look? St. John Knit’s animal-print mask is the answer. It’s made with a silk and polyester blend for an extremely comfortable result. This mask is contoured to the face, and it definitely makes a striking statement when you wear it around town.


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Phlemuns Cloud Face Mask

Cloud stylish face mask

Does the pandemic have your head in the clouds? Then this is the face mask you didn’t know you needed. Made from cotton and polyester and containing an adjustable nose bridge that is well hidden, the Phelmuns cloud face mask is comfy and provides a perfect fit for almost anyone.

Levi’s Reversible Face Mask

Levi’s stylish face mask

Even Levi’s is getting into the face mask market now, and who better to design them than one of the most prominent clothing companies around? Made from 100% cotton and easily washable, these masks are comfortable and made to last a long time. Oh, did we mention that they are reversible so that you can change your style on the fly?

Rag & Bone Stealth Face Mask

Stealth stylish face mask

It’s difficult to beat these face masks from Rag & Bone; these cotton masks are lightweight, stylish, and have the perfect fit. Many masks are straight up and down; they don’t provide good coverage for your nose, and they have a tendency to fall down throughout the day. These face masks solve that problem and look great at the same time.

Henry Minimalist Face Mask

Minimalist stylish face mask

Designed to fit perfectly without a nose strip, these stylish Henry face masks are made with three layers of nonwoven polypropylene fabric to provide comfort and protection. The fabric is highly breathable and fluid resistant to keep you safe and comfy while you make a fashion statement.

Moda Matters Italian Face Mask

Italian stylish face mask

Made in Italy, these double-layer polypropylene stylish face masks were made to minimize heat while you wear them throughout the day. They have a hidden embedded nose clip and comfortable elastic ear loops for a great fit and to keep the mask secure all day long. A portion of their sales goes to the Healthcare Heroes Fund, which provides frontline healthcare workers with personal protective equipment.

Madewell Men Adjustable Face Mask

Madewell stylish face mask

Madewell men’s stylish cotton face masks are super comfortable, breathable, and fit great. Designed to match the style of men’s ties, they are sure to go great with your work outfits. One of the reasons we recommend Madewell’s face masks for men is because, along with J. Crew, they have donated 75,000 masks to healthcare workers at the Montefiore Medical Center.

Rag & Bone Pleat Face Mask

Pleat stylish face mask

This is the second stylish men’s face mask from Rag & Bone that made our list, and it’s for a good reason; just look at them. Made from upcycled fabrics in the US, they have the same amazing fit as their Stealth masks and are just as lightweight and comfortable, but this style was too good to not include in the top 15 stylish face masks.

Herschel Classic Face Mask

Herschel Classic Face Mask

These stylish face masks designed for men come in a variety of colors and patterns, from stiped, camo, and polka dots to stunning solid colors. Herschel’s fitted face masks feature three breathable layers, a soft liner, and a sleeve for a filter. Designed for all-day comfort, these men’s face masks will keep you protected, looking great, and feeling amazing.

Stay Safe, Stay Stylish in a Face Mask For Men

These stylish men’s face masks are great when you aren’t in a situation that requires you to have more protection than a cloth mask can offer, but what about when you need more?

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Especially for at-risk groups and frontline workers, staying safe is essential, and a cloth face mask won’t cut it. Remember to keep an N95 or N99 respirator on hand for when you need maximum protection. Stay safe and stay stylish with the right face mask.

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