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15 Best Ear Loop Facemasks

Your face mask should be comfortable while providing safety measures against COVID. Ear loop face mask have become one of the most popular options for comfort and protection as they fit nicely, won’t move around on your face, and come in thousands of styles. Whenever you leave the house, an ear loop facemask is a perfect choice for a no strings attached option.

Ear loop face mask come in different arrangements of thickness, protection, breathability, and filtration. If you prefer a monochrome or simply styled option or prefer brighter flashy designs, you should be able to find a great mask for you from our selection of the 15 best ear loop face masks.

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1. Rifle Paper Co. – These floral face masks are the perfect choice for dressing things up. Even though the pandemic is a somber time, these face masks will never be out of style. You can find on Etsy for just $17! Etsy is a wonderful place to search for handcrafted masks if you are looking for a more personal style.

Floral patterned face masks

2. Everlane Face Mask – These masks come in a three-pack assortment, so even if you lose one in the wash, you will have backups! They come in heather grey, black and charcoal, making them the perfect fit for those with simple style. This is the ideal no-frills mask that has a sleek, non-bulky silhouette.

3. Maaji Face Masks – These masks come in great designs and feature a reversible, double-layered surface. They come in a set of five that is packed with color that will go perfectly with warmer weather. You can find Maaji face masks on Shopbop or on their website

4. Heather Taylor Home Face Masks – This mask is well-designed to cover the face and has a thick material that still provides breathability. This company donates ten masks to those in need for every sale of their ten pack of masks ($50). The masks come in an awesome checkered pattern that is the perfect match for any homemaker.

5. Wolford Care Mask – This mask provides a sleek design with room for extra breathability, making it a superior choice for those who need to spend a lot of time wearing one. The thick material is water-resistant, and the nose area has a shapeable metal to provide the perfect fit. This mask is only available in solid black.

6. Koral Shiny Netz Face Mask – This mask is for the more fashionable types as it comes from a chic style company. The unique leopard print design is anything but tacky and can add some much-needed accent to almost any outfit. Take a look at their other mask styles on their website.

7. Hedley & Bennet Masks – This company is best known for their ever so stylish aprons, but their line of “Wake Up and Fight Masks” are amazingly designed. The masks come in plain colors that look amazing on an oxford fabric material, or you have the option of going for their artist series that features art from up-and-coming artists. The masks even come with a slot to insert an extra filter.

8. Kitsbow Facemask – These masks are no-nonsense and prioritize your protection. The masks have a removable HEPA filter that makes them comfortable to wear all day. The masks are made in the US and have a 20% discounted rate for veterans and first responders.

9. Proper Cloth Facemasks – These ear loop facemasks are hand-sewn from linen, which makes for a stylish, clean look. The mask also offers all the protection you will need as it is lab-tested and certified for BFE ≥95%. The adjustable around-the-ear elastic loops will ensure that this mask fits your face perfectly. They come in two sizes and six different colors to choose from.

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10. Banana Republic Mask – No strangers to style, the Banana Republic has face masks that will up your mask game. They offer a line of masks in various colors that have adjustable earloops and a wire to fit your nose. The masks are nice to look at, with a black border outlining the color. This mask is good at filtering particles with thick material and will keep you safe on your errands.

11. Herschel Supply Co. Face Mask – Herschel is a classic supplier of clothes and bags. Their facemasks are some of the best for those who need to hit the gym and go running while protected. Some of their options feature a clip that can connect the elastic ear loops behind your head, leaving a secure fit that won’t come loose no matter how much you move.

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12. Cottonique Face Masks – These masks are the perfect option for those with mild and severe allergies. Their hypoallergenic 100% ultrasoft cotton material ensures that you won’t have to worry about any itchiness or irritation that can affect some who are allergic to chemicals and synthetics.

13. Graf Lantz Face Mask – This mask has a uniquely shaped profile that can add some flair to your fit. This mask offers a balance of filtration and breathability that is lab tested for virus protection. The mask is made of organic cotton and features a metal noseband, filter pocket, and adjustable ear loops.

14. Old Navy Variety 5-Pack Masks – Old Navy are the champions behind affordable clothing items in bulk. Their facemasks are as stylish as they are affordable. Coming in a variety of different prints and colors, you are sure to find an option you like. Adjustable ear loops and a pleated front make these masks a steal for the $12.50 price for five of them.

15. ISKO Vital Supreme Cloth Face Mask – To round out our list of the best ear loops facemasks, the ISKO is one of the most attractive options. The fit is one of the snuggest and most form-fitting with superb comfort and smooth materials.

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Now you know the best options for ear loop facemasks, you can go out and get the mask that best fits your style!

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