Do N95 Masks Protect Against Covid?

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What are the best face masks to buy now? How do N95 masks protect against COVID? Where can you buy them online today?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an intense increase in the need for a face mask. Of course, not all types of masks offer equal protection. This is a significant issue that is increasing in importance with new variants of the coronavirus and as new mandates and rules are instituted by the government and businesses.

Recently, there is a lot more talk about the need for N95 masks. Do N95 respirators protect against COVID better than surgical masks, fabric masks, or cloth masks? Why is this type of mask so important that even those that have received COVID-19 vaccination still need them?

Perhaps even more importantly, where can you buy them while supplies still last?


The COVID-19 pandemic has swept and rotated around the world for years already. It has completely changed life as we know it. It has set trends in motion that will continue to transform our lives in dramatic ways over the years ahead.

The first officially reported COVID-19 case showed up in 2019. By September 2021, there had already been 4.55M deaths reported, with at least 219M cases reported worldwide.

The coronavirus is spread through airborne particles and when people (and animals) come into contact with droplets infected with the virus.


COVID-19 Vaccines

Pharmaceutical companies miraculously raced to create COVID-19 vaccines. They seemed to pull it off in just months what normally takes years to develop and test.

There are now several prominent vaccine makers. In the United States these are:

  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Janssen

Vaccines have divided the world. Governments continue to insist that vaccines should be a primary form of defense against contracting Covid-19. Yet, as of fall 2021, the number of vaccinated individuals appears to have plateaued at around 50% of the population in the US. Many individuals are refusing the vaccine in spite of mandates, offers of free beer, school tuition, lottery tickets, and a whole lot more.

Those who are a pro-vaccine state that it can lower the chances of death and end up hospitalized. However, there continue to be breakthrough cases despite being vaccinated. FDA officials have resigned over debates about the need for vaccine boosters as a third and regular shot. New data and observational studies on the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine show that those between 12 to 15 years old are 4-6x more likely to end up in the hospital with myocarditis as a side effect of the vaccine than because of being infected with COVID. Myocarditis is a serious heart condition, which can cause heart failure and sudden death.


COVID 19 And The Use Of Face Masks


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Since the very onset of the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have been deemed an essential protective device for respiratory protection and to slow down the transmission and the chance of getting infected with the virus.

Infectious particles breathed through the air are the chief culprit in the spread of the virus. So, in addition to quarantines, grounding travel, and stay-at-home orders, the use of masks became the primary form of protection for everyone on the planet.

In order to preserve supplies of N95 masks for the personal protective equipment for frontline workers and health care professionals, ‘experts’ and the media downplayed the urgent need for n95 respirators for anyone but healthcare workers.

So, the general public often turned to cloth face coverings, homemade masks, cloth medical masks, fashion masks from general clothing retailers and brands, and anything else they could cover their faces with.

Tragically, this may have been primarily responsible for the dramatic spread of the pandemic, millions of infected COVID-19 patients, and even deaths.

Now that essential health care workers and health care facilities have stocked up on PPE including N95 masks, mask rules and recommendations for the general public have changed dramatically.

The truth is finally coming out about the effectiveness of n95 masks. It turns out that all, except one or two types of masks, really have filtration efficiencies that can slow transmission, protect you from getting COVID, or give it to those you love, care about, and work with.

Ironically, purposefully spreading the virus or coughing at people became a serious crime during this time. In fact, it could be considered attempted murder. Yet, millions were fooled into not getting the protection they needed.

The vast majority of cloth masks, including medical procedure masks, are only relatively useful for blocking large-particle droplets. Yet, the respiratory droplets that carry the virus are very tiny. These viral particles will just go right through them.

Now that there is a more abundant supply of premium masks that can prevent respiratory viruses, experts are changing their public recommendations. Policies and mandates are changing in favor of N95 masks, too.

So, why use face masks? Because they can save your life and others around you. Just be very aware of the fact that most types of face masks will do very little to protect you at all.


What To Know About Respirators With Exhalation Valves

One of the most notable differences in masks, specifically N95 respirator masks today is those with visible or enclosed exhalation valves.

These valves are designed to allow for easier breathing when breathing out, while still protecting the wearer from airborne pathogens when breathing in.

Those masks with visible exterior valves are ideal for workplace settings and other disasters like wildfires, dusty environments, and protection against mold. Though of course, they won’t protect those around you from respiratory syndrome coronavirus-related issues, if you are infected and are breathing out.

In contrast, masks with interior valves, which are covered by another layer of N95 fabric are ideal for not only a clinical setting but when you are supposed to wear a mask indoors or outdoors for the general public.


Are N95 Masks Effective Against COVID?

Yes! They do.

With new and more contagious variants like the Delta variant of the coronavirus and even the fear of the emergence of vaccine-resistant strains, Public health experts have had no choice but to admit that the public needs real protection in the form of N95 masks.

They are designed to pass fit testing and have been proven and tested to filter out at least 95% of  particles in the air, down to 3 microns in size.

Mask Guidelines & Finding The Optimal Level Of Protection

There is a specific and rigorous certification process for masks to be approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Those that want to go above and beyond these guidelines for the coronavirus could try an N99 mask. Though the N95 offers great protection and breathability.

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These tested, certified, comfortable, and affordable N95 masks are perfect for both Health Care Providers, first responders, front liners, and the general public who need to meet mask mandates, or who just want the best protection that they could get for themselves, their family, and friends.


When it comes to protection against Covid, the N95 mask is very effective. In fact, the n95 is now considered the minimum level of protection everyone should have. In many cases, you won’t be able to travel without them any longer. Order yours online today while stocks last!