Do N95 Face Masks Expire? When to Replace & Where to Buy

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer as there are many factors that affect whether or not you can use N95 masks past their expiration date. With increased demand and limited supply it’s not recommended to use the N95 face mask past its shelf life. They may not perform to the requirements that they were certified for.

Can You Use Expired N95 Face Masks?

Components like the mask material and straps can degrade, which affects the quality of its seal and fit. Inspect the N95 respirator and perform a seal check before use. An expired disposable respirator may no longer meet NIOSH certification requirements.

If an organization issues expired N95 masks to its employees, it should notify the staff and reemphasize how important it is to conduct seal checks the disposable respirator among other user inspections.N99 Mask on Sale from Bielcor.com

You Should Understand These Four Things About Using an Expired N95 Face Masks

  1. They are no longer NIOSH-approved respirators
  2. Ensure that they got stored according to the manufacturer’s guidelines
  3. You should not use expired N95 masks if new ones are available
  4. They must be inspected properly, especially the nose pieces and head strap

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Why Expired N95 Masks May Not Perform to Its Requirements

The longer you store it after its shelf life, the less likely the mask is to perform in its intended manner. Components like the headband and nose piece can break. They can degrade in a way that prevents an effective seal.

Consider safety and health compliance. Once your N95 mask expires, it loses NIOSH approval. The user will technically not be in compliance with regulations regarding face coverings.

Uses of Expired N95 Face Masks

Other than as a protective measure there are potential uses for expiring N95 masks. You can use these masks for fit testing and training.

Training Purposes

Training activities are an exceptional place to use expired N95 respirators. You can use the masks to train employees in the correct donning techniques like:

  • Headband placement
  • Conducting seal checks
  • Proper nose clip seals

You can use your expired N95 respirators to train your staff, allowing you to save the non-expired ones to use for protection.

Fit Testing

In some situations, you can use expired masks to conduct fit testing in your organization. Here are some ways to help. Decide if your expired respirators can be used for fit testing:

Fit testing gets performed without expiring respirators. Stored according to manufacturer guidelines.

Visually inspect the expired N95 masks. Ensure that it’s not defective or damaged. Check the nose clip, foam, shell, and headbands.

Check the length of time the mask has expired. If it’s been over a year, you probably want to throw it out.

If you experience fit test pass rates that are less than expected. Discontinue using the expired N95 masks.

Storing N95 Masks

The way you store your N95 face masks directly contributes to their usable shelf life. Storing these respirators will help them stay effective. Here are some storage tips for your do N95 masks expire: Always store them in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

Keep N95 respirators away from areas with dust, extreme temperatures, sunlight, moisture, and damaging chemicals.

Use good inventory management; rotate your stock of N95 face masks.

Guidelines For Extended Use and Reuse of N95 Masks

A common question about N95 respirators is if you can use them for an extended period of time. The answer would be no, but in times of a pandemic. Essential workers may not have access to a large supply of reusable models. Here are some guidelines regarding the extended use and reuse of N95 respirators:

(Note that requirements vary from organization to organization; these are general guidelines)

N95 Masks: Extended Use

The respirator is acceptable for constant use if not contaminated or damaged. This means wearing your N95 mask between activities without removing it. Our masks are multi purposeful and reusable.

For patients that have viral respiratory symptoms discard the N95 mask once removed.

N95 Masks: Reuse

Reusing an N95 mask (taking it off in between activities) is typically acceptable. Not soiled, damaged, or contaminated.

You should not reuse an N95 respirator if you came into contact with someone who has viral respiratory symptoms.

N95 Guidelines: It is Better to Use an N95 Mask. For an Extended Period Rather Than Reuse It.

  • If you touch your N95 respirator, wash your hands and change your gloves if applicable.
  • Wash your hands before removing your N95 mask.
  • If you plan to reuse your respirator, place it in a designated place between uses.
  • Only a single user should use N95 face masks.


When Should You Replace Your N95 mask?

It’s probably time to replace your N95 respirator if:

The mask is contaminated, damaged, or soiled in any way.

Your mask is expired, and you plan to use it for protective purposes.

It doesn’t fit properly anymore.

It has any visible rips, creases, or tears.

The straps or nose clips don’t fit correctly any longer.

It fails a positive or negative pressure test.

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If your N95 mask fits into one or more of these categories, it’s time for a new one. The best way to stay protected is with a new high-quality N95 respirator.

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