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The IHU Variant & How To Protect Yourself From It

An onslaught of new coronavirus variants has been threatening a return to a resemblance of normality while sending employers and individuals hunting for N95 masks for sale

The IHU variant is just the latest in emerging strains. What is different about this version of the virus? How worried should we be? What is the best type of personal protective equipment to use to defend against it?

What Is The IHU Variant?

New variations of the virus emerge every week. However, only some of them become ‘variants of concern’, and are commented on by WHO and the Centers for Disease Control. 

IHU has popped up on the radar recently due to how different it is. This one which was first discovered in France has 36 deletions, and 46 mutations according to coverage by CBS News. This makes it significantly genetically different from Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Omicron. 

Although only a small number of people have been found to be infected with IHU so far, it is deemed to be concerning as so many mutations could make it more contagious, and enable it to bypass previous immunity. Such as vaccinations and booster shots.  

IHU Versus Omicron

The biggest difference between IHU and previous variants like Omicron so far is the spread. 

Omicron has already become the dominant strain, making up over 70% of cases. Fortunately, so far Omicron appears to be a much milder infection. While there appears to be a lot of panic about it in government and among businesses, hopes are that it will result in far fewer deaths and hospitalizations.

This is in contrast with Delta, which appeared to cause a double-digit spike in deaths. 

We also now have ‘flurona’. A combination of the common flu, and the coronavirus. A complication which while perhaps less deadly, may join the list of ongoing seasonal viruses. As well as make diagnosis more challenging. 

What’s Most Important?

It is probably important not to get caught up in this never-ending series of mutations, and alphabet soup. 

What you probably care about most is not getting infected. No matter how slim the chances of hospitalization or death, it doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience. Neither do you want to be responsible for spreading it to others? 

You don’t want to be responsible for their death, sickness, missed work, or a lifetime of health complications.

Seeing others who have tested positive and are still out shopping, or who are even maskless and coughing without covering their mouths just seems incredibly selfish. If not an actual crime and assault on others’ lives. As a result, one of the most popular searches today is where to find the N95 mask for sale

Retaining Your Freedoms

Even for those that still don’t believe in the virus, or vaccinations, respirators, like the N95 and N99 mask are fast becoming vital to retain any daily freedoms. 

Mask mandates are back due to the surge in omicron. 

States with the toughest mask requirements have included:

  1. California
  2. Hawaii
  3. New York
  4. Illinois
  5. New Mexico
  6. Oregon
  7. Washington
  8. Nevada

You may also find a more detailed state by state guide to mask requirements here.

Due to omicron, even businesses in Florida have been demanding customers wear masks. The one-state which has so far prided itself on being the freest, and free of mandates. 

However, no longer will just any face covering be enough. Many states have mask mandates in most settings outside the home, regardless of vaccination status. 

As of January 2022, California has again led with some of the strictest mask rules. N-95 mask deemed essential, as cloth masks are no longer being considered acceptable. Employers must now provide a medical level and high-quality respirators to all staff. 

The most common of these is the N95. Failure to comply is considered a serious violation by OSHA, which is responsible for enforcement and citations. However, anticipating new shortages due to skyrocketing demand for finding the N95 mask for sale, OSHA has published additional guidance. This includes permitting some use of expired respirators if companies cannot find N95 masks for sale. Except for healthcare workers. Superior respirator options including P100 or N99 face masks are considered acceptable alternatives. Though not everyone will enjoy the breathability of P100 or N99 masks as much as the N95. Even if the N99 mask does filter out 99% of airborne particles. 

Why Are N95 Respirator Masks So Important? 

The N95 is a specific type of respirator, which removes at least 95% of dangerous particles from the air. The most important element not only being special fibers but electrostatic charged fibers that pull contaminants out of the air. 

Where To Find N95 Mask For Sale

It is vital that both individuals and employers secure authentically, NIOSH-certified, N95s. These are available directly from CDC-approved suppliers like bielcor.com. Where you can find affordable packages of disposable masks, fast shipping, and the n-95 mask is tax-deductible.


The IHU variant may not be the most deadly yet, though others are far more commonly found throughout the US. 

In response to surging case numbers, more states are implementing new and tougher mask rules. Including mandating the use of high-quality respirators. 

Agencies are already anticipating new supply shortages, as businesses must have them to stay open. For now, you can still buy N95 masks at Bielcor.com. Be sure to order enough to keep your business open, and retain your personal freedom to get outside and shop for essentials.