N95 Masks And Vaccines Shots For Babies And Kids Under 5 Could Be Here In Just 4 Weeks

Covid-19 Vaccines For Children Under 5 Could Be Here In Just 4 Weeks

COVID vaccines for young children under 5 years of age could be available in just a matter of weeks. As we wait for its availability, what role will the N95 mask play in keeping your family safe until then and after the newest jabs are rolled out? 

Vaccines have already been highly controversial. Those debates could escalate once the government and major biotech companies begin rolling out shots for the youngest members of our families. 

The question is, what is the process of getting vaccines approved? How many people plan to vaccinate their young kids? Until then, where will families be able to find a reliable source of N95 masks to stay safe before and after this latest round of injections?

COVID Vaccines & Boosters

Adults are now on their fourth, and counting, vaccine shot to be considered fully in compliance with some COVID mandates and restrictions. 

Governments and medical professionals still seem to mostly agree that vaccines are the best step to tackling this pandemic and getting things under control. 

However, vaccines may not provide full immunity and they may not stop the transmission of COVID for good, leaving high-grade face masks an essential part of daily life. Nevertheless, vaccinations can reduce the seriousness of the disease, lower the chances of hospital stays, and can prevent deaths. This is why vaccines and face masks still go hand in hand and are your best bet when it comes to protection against the disease. The vaccines help in building immunity and providing the best survival against the disease, face masks, coupled with health standards set, help in avoiding the transmission of the disease.

Now, at least one vaccine manufacturer believes that they are ready to roll out shots targeted to those under five years old. This vaccine for young children is developed by Pfizer.

Pfizer’s Vaccine For Young Children

Pfizer – BioNTech recently took the first major step towards government approval of their vaccine for the young. The first step taken is the submission of the findings of their clinical trials to the FDA, for review. 

Given the timelines of other approvals, NPR reports that this vaccine could hit the market in as early as four weeks. 

The last vaccine was approved for 5 to 11-year-olds and is already rolling out for kids under the age group. This new version for approval is being aimed at those 6 months to 5 years old. It is expected to be delivered in a series of three different shots, weeks apart.

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are also believed to be working on their own versions of vaccines for the 5 years old and below age group. 

The Vaccine Approval Process

One of the things which have fueled skeptics of COVID vaccines has been how fast vaccines were developed and rolled out, especially in comparison to the years and years it used to take to create, perfect, and test them. 

The current process for approval of vaccines follows these six steps.

1. Clinical Trials

Drugmakers run their own clinical trials and collect the data. Pharma companies then submit a request to the FDA to authorize their vaccine formula for special emergency use for the public.

2. FDA Advisory Panel Vote

The advisory panel reviews the data provided by drug makers from their scientific trials. 

3. FDA Approval

The FDA takes into consideration the advisory panel vote and decides whether the benefits outweigh the risks of granting emergency authorization to use the vaccine. 

4. CDC Advisory Panel Vote

The CDC Advisory Panel debates and votes on whether the emergency authorized vaccine should be recommended for use. 

5. CDC Recommendation

The CDC’s director decides whether or not to endorse the decision of the advisory panel.

6. Shots Are Distributed

Once vaccines make it through all of the above steps, the vaccines are sent out to pharmacies and doctors’ offices to be given to the public.

The Effectiveness Of The Covid-19 Vaccine For Young Children (5 Years Old And Below)

COVID may well end up being an endemic, eventually. Something which is with us forever, similar to the flu. Vaccines and herd immunity are considered among the best ways to minimize the impact of such viruses. Such as with the many others, which we now commonly vaccinate children and seniors for. 

So far, the data has not yet proven existing vaccines and boosters can prevent further infection or transmission of this virus. Though it may well be leading to milder infections, fewer hospitalizations, and lower death rates.

There are several factors that influence the efficacy of this vaccine. One is obviously the science and effectiveness of the medicine itself, as well as how it is applied. 

The second major component is how many people actually get it. A recent survey cited by NPR shows less than a third of parents say that they will vaccinate the youngest members of their households if this vaccine gets approved for emergency use. 

Others may wait and see what the effects are and the effectiveness of it before making a decision. There are also the notorious vaccine holdouts that won’t be swayed at all. These numbers could shift if schools and hospitals continue to push them. 

The third factor is the emergence of new variants of the virus, such as the new ‘stealth variant’, a subvariant of omicron. While all of the impacts of the new mutations of COVID variant BA.2 are unclear so far, it is believed to be far more contagious. In fact, the chances of you spreading it within your household are almost 40%. 

Close to 2,600 people are still dying every day from COVID in the US alone, according to data from the New York Times. Analysts expect the number of deaths to rise in the weeks ahead. 

N95 Masks & Protecting Your Family


Masks are not recommended for those under 2 years old, nor are vaccines as of right now. 

However, you can protect young children by lessening their exposure, especially if there are high cases in your area, getting yourself and other members of the family vaccinated, following health protocols against the disease, and using face masks in order to protect yourself from getting infected with the virus.

As things are starting to open up despite the ongoing threat of the virus, as we start to adjust and get on with the new normal, using face masks has become a necessity to protect oneself and our family members. Today, experts and officials have been clear that using N95 grade respirator masks is the best face mask for protection against covid and its various emerging variants. As more variants emerge, it seems like transmissibility also increases. This means that regular cloth face masks, surgical masks, fashion masks, are not enough protection against the virus anymore.

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