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Bielcor Amps Up N95 Mask Production As Omicron Deaths Reach Over 2,000 Each Day

The omicron variant continues to cause the deaths of thousands of people each day. While the effects of omicron have been downplayed by some, the deaths are still real, and many are dying from it every day. While politics and the economy are battling for their space in news headlines, it is clear that the pandemic is far from over. In fact, new mandates are putting more pressure on employers and workers than ever.

To meet the supply and demand and ensure everyone has the best protection possible, CDC-approved N95 mask supplier Bielcor has increased production to meet the surging demand from the public, employers, and healthcare facilities in need of N95 masks and N99 masks.

US COVID Death Rates

Even in Florida where infection rates have recently declined, the Tampa Bay Times reports that deaths have actually doubled. That’s almost 1,200 deaths per week, just in FL. 

One Florida university has forecasted that 80% of that state’s population will have caught the virus by the time omicron has made its rounds. 

Nationally, the average has been 2,300 deaths per day. That’s more than during the delta wave. The University of Kansas Hospital also appears to be facing a full morgue and have voiced concerns over funeral homes being able to pick up bodies and using refrigerated trucks. 

As of February 16th, 2022 the number of average daily deaths is at 2,208, with 927,000 deaths so far. The worldwide average daily deaths are over 10,000, with almost six million dead. 

The COVID 19 Forecast Hub anticipates deaths to keep on rising from omicron. With the most deaths expected in NY, TX, CA, and IL. 

New COVID Variants

This virus is constantly mutating and changing to survive and thrive. 

New Sub Variants Already Spreading

Omicron has been one of the most transmissible to date. Now, a sub-variant of omicron, BA.2 has emerged. BA.2 is even more contagious than the original omicron. It carries an increased rate of infection within households of 39%. It is even better at getting through vaccine immunity, as well. It has already been spreading fast across the United States. 

There are also multiple other Variants Of Interest (VOI), and Variants Under Monitoring (VUMs) by various centers for disease control. This includes the AY.4.2.

The Importance of Masking

Masks seem to be rising in importance and need, especially as testing centers and vaccine pushes fade.

They are the first and last line of defense, especially with new strains beating previous immunity and vaccines.

Vaccinated or not, masks are critical for preventing infection and transmission. They are the only help for the many who cannot get vaccinated for medical or religious exemption reasons. 

N95 Masks Now Considered Essential


Recent COVID and mask mandates have gone beyond insisting on just wearing some form of face covering, the CDC now recommends the use of N95 level masks. The CDC states that N95 respirators offer the highest level of protection.

In many instances, they are now the minimum level of protection for workers, employers, and getting around on a daily basis. 

The US government has recently tried giving away millions of masks. Though like recent at home testing kits, the flow has not been reliable or sufficient enough. 

The public needs a constant fresh supply of N95 masks on a daily basis. Employers are under even more pressure to keep workers equipped with fresh N95s for every shift. If they cannot, they face significant fines and being shut down or driven out of business. 

The big issue for many is finding a reliable source of authentic and certified N95 masks for sale. 

A real N95 mask must be tested and certified by NIOSH and will be published as an approved product, from an approved supplier on the Centers for Disease Control website. 

Bielcor is one of these officially approved suppliers. Certified products from Bielcor include the B201, B200, B226, and soon to be released B400 N95 mask. The company is currently amping up production capacity to meet surging needs for N95 masks. This is in addition to the B300 N99 mask, for those who are seeking a higher level of protection, especially in a healthcare setting or those that have high cases of the virus.

These filtering facepiece respirators can be purchased in convenient packs of 20 online, with free shipping, or may be ordered in bulk.


The data shows that omicron is proving to be even more deadly than some media outlets are letting on. With the new sub-variant of omicron, COVID deaths and cases are expected to rise in the weeks ahead. 

This, along with more mask mandates and specific rules requiring N95 level protection, is driving up demand for these essential face masks. Bielcor is a NIOSH and CDC approved supplier of quality, authentic N95 masks.

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