About Us


If there's one thing that we, at Bielcor, want for our customers, it's to provide them with quality protective products at a very affordable price. We are constantly on the hunt for newer things to provide our customers with quality products that they can use in their everyday lives. Though we are well updated with the advancements in design and the latest trends, what we appreciate the most is simplicity.

Trust us when we say that we put our customer's interest at heart and we want nothing other than your satisfaction in our products and services to keep us running.

We hope that you'll enjoy our products and we can't wait to welcome you back soon with a new safety product in the store.

The Bielcor Promise

At Bielcor, we assure our customers that all of our products have been well-researched and are field-tested. Everything we sell is something that we, ourselves, use in our everyday lives and we make sure to only sell goods that we can ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers. With these in mind, we encourage you to take advantage of our wonderful offers including our excellent customer service who can walk you through each product.

Our Mission at Bielcor

To bring a greater level of transparency, convenience, and trust by making it easier for our customers to compare prices, discover products, and grab the best deals from thousands of online shops.

As a result of our hard work, we have received an enormous amount of response from our clients and this inspired us to do a better job in expand our product line and strive hard to provide our customers with incomparable customer service.

Our journey has just begun in realizing our goal to make Bielcor the top online service leader.

Bielcor's Vision and Culture

Our vision is to bring people together from all over the world and establish an online transaction system where the customers can feel safe and rely on in finding, discovering, and shopping for the best and most affordable and innovative protective equipment from a wide range of choices.

Our company's culture is deeply rooted in our core fundamental values that we follow sincerely and whole-heartedly. These values are an integral part of our company's policy and we believe that this, along with our hard work, is the reason for our company's rapid growth.

Best Price for Quality Products

At Bielcor, we strive to provide our customers with nothing less than the best quality products at the lowest possible price. Unlike other companies, we don't run a lot of physical stores where we have to pay rent, wages, and distribution overheads. However, we own warehouses where we store our products while awaiting delivery. No agents are involved in acquiring the products but instead, we have in-house departments to process the dispatch of the products and control the rest of Bielcor's operations. This is how we cut down our costs and we hope to pass this benefit on to our customers as well.

Payment Security and Privacy (SSL Certificate)

As we've said, our customer's safety is our number one priority. With this in mind, our customers can rest easy with the knowledge that all online transactions made at Bielcor are protected with the highest level of security. With the use of Stripe's SSL encryption technology, we are able to protect any card information you provide and safely transmit it to a highly secured electronic vault for the final processing of the payment.

Alternatively, we also accept payments made through Paypal which is currently the safest and most reliable online payment option available.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Insurance Protection

Being a customer-centric company means that we have to safeguard our client and place their best interest at heart. With that in mind, our customers have nothing to worry about but placing their orders. We'll take care of the rest. To further assure our customers of their order's safety, we offer insurance should their parcel incur damages, gets lost in transit, or any other justifiable reasons. Whatever happens, you can rest easy knowing that your money is safe with Bielcor.

We take pride - individually and collectively - in the quality of our work, the advanced processes we use, the products and services we provide, and in recognizing and validating the efficacy of our continuous improvement programs. Along with this, we give importance in meeting each of our customer's needs ahead of our competitions. We take pride in achieving and sustaining levels of financial returns as a measure, beyond the numbers, of the value our customers agree we create.

We've got everything you need - a variety of high-quality products, a skilled and efficient customer-care team, prompt customer service, and free and timely delivery. Bielcor is, indeed, a name you rely on.